European MedTech Week

This year marks the third annual European MedTech Week, 19-23 June 2017, with the Irish Medtech Association taking part. This initiative was launched as part of MedTech Europe’s ‘Value of Medtech’ campaign to improve awareness and understanding of the medtech sector amongst stakeholders such as the general public, politicians, regulators, healthcare professionals and patients.

This year the Irish Medtech Association will focus on patients with a special Patient-Medtech ‘innovation for a lifetime’ event, 19 June, in Dublin.

Member-led industry innovation stories will be published online to highlight how technologies developed and/or manufactured in Ireland save and improve lives.

NEW, we are launching a new award category for the Best European MedTech Week Campaign Award for the annual Irish Medtech Awards 2017 to recognise the vision, impact and innovative campaign led by medtech organisations who get involved in this important initiative. The award criteria are described in the file attached below.

You can find out more about upcoming events under our calendar events. To get involved in these initiatives, please contact Irish Medtech Association Executive Ciara Finlay by emailing

You can visit the dedicated website from MedTech Europe here or you can find out more in the presentation attached.

Join the conversation online by tweeting #MedTechWeek to get the hashtag trending.

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